Storage Containers and Trailers for Sale and for Rent in Danville, Indiana

Storage On-Site offers quality storage containers and storage trailers in Danville, Indiana. Our units are made from the strongest, most durable materials to ensure your stored items are safe from damage, theft, vandalism, and any other hazards.

In Danville, we offer storage trailers in the following sizes and door styles:
Storage trailer chart
We offer storage containers in the following sizes:
Storage container chart

Storage Containers vs. Trailers

Storage On-Site is Danville, Indiana’s go-to source for dependable storage. Our storage experts can help you determine what kind of unit you need and whether you should rent or purchase a storage trailer or container based on your budget, how long you need storage, and a number of other factors. While storage trailers and storage containers both have lots of uses, each has specific applications that may make each a more suitable choice.

Storage containers are often used to store the following:
  • Equipment/machinery
  • Tools
  • Home storage/furniture
  • Documents/records
  • Industrial materials
  • Farming equipment
  • Special event/holiday materials

Storage containers offer ground level storage that is easy to access. They are also stackable, which makes them a great choice if you do not have a lot of space but need multiple units.

Common uses for storage trailers include:
  • Overflow workspace
  • Office space
  • Merchandise storage
  • Inventory storage
  • Warehouses
  • Construction projects
  • Logistics

Renting vs. Buying

Renting a storage trailer or storage container is usually the best option if you are in need of short-term or fixed-term storage. With this option, you only need to pay for your unit while you are using it. Therefore, a rental is ideal if you know the specific amount of time during which you will need it and you’re sure you won’t need it longer.

Examples of projects for which you may need to rent a storage trailer or container include:

  • Home moves
  • Contract jobs
  • Retail inventory overflow
  • Peak season overflow
  • Renovations
  • Temporary office space

If you do not think you will need long-term storage, renting a unit is likely your best, most cost-effective choice. If you are working on a temporary project, there is no need to pay for storage beyond the time you will actually need it. Simply rent your storage trailer or container, use it when you need it, and have your on-site storage company come pick it up when you’re done using it.

However, most people can use some extra space. This includes everything from personal to commercial storage.  Buying a storage container or trailer provides a permanent solution and frees up significant space. This can help you get your home or business organized and keep it that way. When you own your storage container or trailer, you can keep it wherever you choose without having to worry about rental fees or returning it in any certain condition. You invest in the peace of mind that your stored items are safe and secure in the long term.

What Sets our Avon Trailers and Containers Apart?

If you are looking for the best on-site storage containers and storage trailers Danville, Indiana, has to offer, Storage On-Site can help. Our goal is to help every client find the best storage trailer or storage container to rent or buy.

We started out with a single container. Over 20 years, we have expanded our fleet to hundreds of units. This experience has enabled us to provide the best customer service and most competitive rates for storage trailers and storage containers in Danville, Indiana, and beyond.

We serve Danville, Indiana by offering only the highest-quality and most reliable container and trailer rental and purchase options and helping customers purchase the best unit for their specific needs.

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