48-ft Storage Trailers for Sale
Indianapolis, IN

At Storage On-Site, we offer 48-ft storage trailers with both swing and roll doors. Purchasing an on-site trailer protects your belongings from theft, weather conditions, pests, and anything else that could cause damage.

We offer trailers in the following sizes and door styles:
Table of trailer options offered by Storage On-Site

Who needs to buy a 48-ft storage trailer?

A 48-ft storage trailer is a great option for people looking to store a large number of items. We offer trailers with roll up doors, which lend themselves to quick drop-offs for their ease of access. They’re also easy to secure, providing protection for your belongings. We also offer trailers with swing doors. This style maximizes net cargo area. It’s a better choice if you need the largest opening for your trailer.

Buying a trailer is a cost-effective option. Often, people working on short-term projects choose to rent a trailer since they won’t need it in the future. It can be a hassle to drive miles out of your way to a locker, move heavy objects, load them, and then have to do it all again once you’re done using them. Why not purchase a trailer that you can keep on your property? It will ultimately save you a lot of time, money, and energy.

Storage containers vs. trailers

The biggest difference between containers and trailers is travelability. If you’re looking for a storage unit that can easily be moved and hold a large quantity of objects, a 48-ft trailer can make your life a lot easier. Other benefits of a storage trailer include:

  • Size – Trailers are larger and wider, allowing you to maximize storage space within a single unit. A 48-ft trailer provides ample space for your bulkiest materials.
  • Access – You can park your trailer anywhere and easily take it from place to place. It’s easy to access for curbside deliveries or inventory space.
  • Movability – Even fully-loaded, a storage trailer can be moved between locations.
  • Receiving dock – Storage trailers can attach to receiving docks.

What sets us apart?

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