53-ft Storage Trailers for Sale
Indianapolis, IN

At Storage On-Site, we provide 53-ft storage trailers with both swing and roll doors. Purchasing a storage trailer guarantees plenty of space to keep your objects safe from damage. Investing in a storage trailer is investing in long-term security and ease of access.

Swing and roll doors provide easy access to your belongings and can be locked. However, there are advantages to each. If you’re storing large or cumbersome objects, a swing door trailer may be better for its large opening and net cargo area. Roll doors are great for people who need to use their trailers a lot for drop-offs, deliveries and pickups.

We offer the following options for trailer sizes and door styles:

Trailer Size

Door Style


Swing or Roll


Swing or Roll


Swing or Roll


Swing or Roll

Who needs to buy a 53-ft storage trailer?

A 53-ft storage trailer is a great investment for anyone with ongoing or permanent bulk storage needs. A trailer provides convenient, regular access to your items. A trailer can be locked and is weatherproof, providing shelter for your belongings. It can also be used to move items from place to place, given the ease of access provided by both door styles.

If you’re looking for long-term storage that’s easier to access than a stationary locker, a trailer is a smart investment that will save you time, money, and energy.

Storage containers vs. trailers

Unlike containers storage trailers can be moved from place to place. If you anticipate needing to move your trailer between job sites or locations, and your materials are on the larger side, a 53-ft trailer may be the best option. Other benefits include:

  • Size – A 53-ft trailer provides maximum space for even your bulkiest items.
  • Access – Storage trailers are travelable. They provide easy and convenient to access your stored goods when you need them.
  • Movability –Storage trailers can be moved when fully loaded.
  • Receiving dock – Storage trailers can be attached to receiving docks.

What sets us apart?

Storage On-Site has proudly served the Indianapolis community for over 20 years. Decades of experience has made us the leading provider of affordable storage trailers in Indianapolis.

We started out with a single container and have grown our fleet to hundreds of available units. We have helped countless people buy storage trailers in Indianapolis and beyond that accommodate their storage needs and stay within budget.

We provide only the highest-quality trailer options in order to maintain our reputation as the community’s go-to source for storage. We offer a range of options, including 53-ft storage trailers for sale and for rent, throughout the Indianapolis area in order to serve virtually all storage needs.

Contact Us

If you’re looking to purchase a 53-ft storage trailer in the Indianapolis area, contact us at 317-358-0380 or request a quote today. Our storage experts are here to help connect you with a high-quality trailer that fits into your budget and will keep your belongings safe and secure.