Storage Containers and Trailers for Sale and for Rent in Carmel, Indiana

Storage On-Site is the leading provider of storage containers and trailers in the Carmel, Indiana area.

We offer storage trailers in the following sizes and door styles:
Storage trailer chart
We offer storage containers in the following sizes:
Storage container chart

Storage Containers vs. Trailers

Whatever your Carmel, Indiana storage needs may be, Storage On-Site has a trailer or container for you. Storage trailers and containers are useful for a variety of applications. In most cases, however, one is a more suitable choice than the other.

Objects commonly stored in storage containers include:
  • Home/personal storage
  • Machinery/tools
  • Retail overflow
  • Industrial storage
  • Agricultural production
  • Gardening/landscaping materials

Storage containers are ground-level, which makes it easy to access stored objects. They can be conveniently stacked on top of each other should your space be limited. Storage containers offer durable protection and can be securely locked.

Common uses for storage trailers include:
  • Large, cumbersome object storage
  • Short-term projects
  • Construction jobs
  • Home moves
  • Seasonal inventory storage
  • Landscaping projects

Storage trailers can have either swing- or roll-style doors, both of which are beneficial depending on the average size of the objects you need to store. They offer more net cargo doorway space overall, making them a great choice for anyone with especially large items. They can be transported from location to location once unloaded, making them especially convenient for those that need storage across multiple locations.

Renting vs. Buying

Storage containers and trailers are made from strong, durable steel. They offer protection for stored items from the following hazards:

  • Theft
  • Debris/dirt
  • Rust
  • Water damage
  • Weather events
  • Vandalism
  • Water damage
  • Pests

There are many benefits associated with both renting and buying a storage container or trailer. However, one option may be more cost-efficient than the other depending on your needs. For example, if you know you will only need your unit for a fixed amount of time, such as a home move, it may be best to rent a storage trailer or container. This way, you will only pay for the specific amount of time you are using the unit and won’t have to worry about finding permanent space for it. On the other hand, someone with long-term storage needs, like a business owner in need of extra space, can certainly benefit from purchasing a unit.

Renting a storage trailer or storage container may be the better option for the following situations:
  • Events
  • Contract jobs
  • Home moves
  • Construction/renovation projects
  • Landscaping projects

For those with long-term or permanent storage needs, purchasing a unit is the better option. When you own your unit, you don’t need to worry about keeping it in a certain condition or returning it by a specific date.

Some situations in which buying a storage trailer or container is the better option include:
  • Long-term warehouse storage
  • Agricultural storage
  • Seasonal retail inventory storage
  • Construction tools and machinery storage
  • Personal/home storage
  • Retail overflow storage

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