Storage Containers and Trailers for Sale and for Rent in Avon, Indiana

Storage On-Site offers quality storage trailers and containers in the Avon, Indiana area. While both storage trailers and containers have a multitude of uses, usually one is more suitable than the other depending on storage needs. Fortunately, our team of storage experts can help you decide whether a storage trailer or container rental or purchase will best fulfill your needs.

In Avon, we offer storage trailers in the following sizes and door styles:
Storage trailer chart
We offer storage containers in the following sizes:
Storage container chart

Storage Containers vs. Trailers

Whatever your Avon, Indiana storage needs may be, Storage On-Site has a solution. Both storage trailers and storage containers have a variety of benefits associated with them. In most cases, however, one is a more useful than the other.

Items commonly stored in ground-level storage containers include:
  • Home/personal storage
  • Machinery/tools
  • Seasonal items
  • Paperwork/records
  • Clothing
  • Industrial storage
  • Agricultural production
  • Gardening/landscaping materials

Storage containers offer ground-level access, making them a great choice for those that need to retrieve items frequently. They are travelable via truck bed and can be stack on top of one another.

Common uses for storage trailers include:
  • Short-term projects
  • Construction jobs
  • Home moves
  • Contact jobs
  • Special events
  • Warehouse applications

Storage trailers either have swing or roll-up doors. Swing doors offer a larger doorway space, while roll-up doors are easy to open and close. They can be attached to loading docks and are a great choice for those in need of storage across multiple locations, such as warehouse workers, contractors, and business owners.

Renting vs. Buying

Storage containers and trailers are made from strong materials like aluminum and steel. They offer protection for stored items from the following common hazards:

  • Debris/dirt
  • Animals/pests
  • Theft/vandalism
  • Weather
  • Environmental damage

Most people can benefit from extra space, whether for personal or commercial purposes. Accordingly, buying a storage trailer or container is a great investment. You can keep your unit wherever you choose and provide permanent extra space for your home or business. However, consider the length of time you know you will need a unit of a certain particular size. If you anticipate your storage needs changing in the future, renting might be the best option for you. You can simply return your trailer or container and renting a larger or smaller one in the future should you need to.

What Sets our Avon Trailers and Containers Apart?

Storage On-Site has served the Avon, Indiana community for over 20 years. This experience has enabled us to offer the most dependable and affordable storage containers and trailers in Indiana.

We started out with a single container and, over 20 years, have grown our fleet to hundreds of available units. This experience has made us the leading provider of storage containers and storage trailers in Avon, Indiana, and beyond.

We offer the most competitive rates in the area and stock only the highest-quality Avon containers and trailers.

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